Taking Care of Your Family: How to Properly Plan for Retirement Without Taking Unnecessary Risks

In “Taking Care of Your Family,” the brother-sister team of George and Angelica Politarhos joins forces with Shon Peil to explain in simple language and, through real stories, how to eliminate the confusion of planning for your retirement. You’ll learn why your retirement should be a top priority and how to properly plan for it without taking unnecessary risks.

Each chapter focuses on one of the primary areas you need to address in order to have a safe and secure retirement. By addressing each area properly, you’ll create your own Retirement Shield to protect your future and turn your dreams into reality by “Taking Care of Your Family.”

What You’ll Learn

• Social Security — When to take it and how to increase it
• Income for Life — How to continue receiving a paycheck in retirement
• Taxes — What to do to lower or eliminate them altogether
• Long-Term Care — Why this is so critical and how to pay for it
• Life’s “What-If” Scenarios — Where you should look to avoid dangerous circumstances.

You’ll also hear from people like you who have created their own Retirement Shield to protect their income, provide for their health, and prepare themselves to enjoy the rest of their life without worry or concern. Retirement should be the best years of your life. Make this true for yourself by reading and applying what you learn in “Taking Care of Your Family.”

The Authors

Family is important to George and Angie. This brother-sister team places a family-first emphasis on everything they do. From adding George’s son Jarred into the family business to “adopting” their clients into their Big Fat Greek family. Guiding them and working through their life journey with them and planning for the things that they do not necessarily want to think about to make sure they are in the best place possible for later in life. The Politarhos’ experience of caring for their parents plays a large role in how they care for their clients/family members. They genuinely care about their clients and have always taken steps to prepare them for having the best and most successful retirement possible because their clients/family deserve and have worked so hard to get there. George, Angie, and now Jarred are the “real deal” and would be honored to assist you in “Taking Care of Your Family.”

Shon Peil has spent the past 20 years helping people protect their retirement and enjoy the best years of their life. He specializes in helping clients optimize their Social Security benefits and retirement income. Shon is the co-founder and a National Coach for the Retirement Shield program. Shon and his wife, Hillary, have five children. He enjoys following college football, coaching his kids’ teams, and spending summer days at the family’s lake cabin.

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